Given the important role of exhibitions & festivals for economic development in commerce & industry; in order to support opportunities for those who have an interest in participating in the development of the chocolate & confectionery sector; in order to identify the methods of their preparation, benefits, harms, & appropriate quantities of consumption, this exhibition & festival of chocolate & confectionery will be held

Objectives of the Exhibition:

Introduce the most famous international & national brands to Qatar Market

Create contractual opportunities between global & national companies & agencies

Develop the industrial & commercial sectors of the chocolate & sweets industry

Promote & directly introduce the latest national & international agencies & factories

Provide the audience with the opportunity to enjoy related entertainment & events & giving them a chance to taste the latest developments in the chocolate & sweets industry


Name: Chocolate & sweets exhibition & festival

Date: From 14 to 17 April 2016

Duration: 4 days

Venue: Katara Hall.  Katara culture village, Doha

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Hotels specializing in chocolate & sweets preparation

Restaurants specializing in chocolate & sweets preparation

Cafes specializing in chocolate & sweets preparation

Bakeries specializing in chocolate & sweets preparation

ice cream

All kinds of Oriental dessert shops

All kinds of Western dessert shops

All kinds of traditional dessert shops

All kind of dates & Honey shops

Al kind of ice cream shops

All kinds of chocolate factories

All kinds of sweets factories

All kinds of chocolate & sweets factories

All kinds of chocolate & sweets companies & agencies

factories for chocolate

Chocolate & sweets accessories manufacturers

Chocolate & sweets decoration manufacturers

Printing presses specializing in chocolate & sweets supplies

Packaging factories specializing in the chocolate & sweets industry

Chocolate & sweets raw Martial Companies & agencies

It’s all happening under one roof at Chocolate & sweets exhibition

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